When Nature Heals

When Nature Heals
Healing is complicated, but then again, what isn't?


Or maybe, wrong?

Maybe nothing is complicated. Maybe it's only complicated because we make it that way. 

Sometimes just accepting that things are what they are, is a sort of freedom that we complicate by asking questions we can't answer. Well, at least without some sort of agony.

Life is complicated under a microscope but it's so simple when we pan out. 

So let's pan out. 

What do you see when you pan out? Who do you see? Where are you?

Can you see a landscape filled with snow capped mountains or are you a beach bum buried in the sand?

Are you sunkissed and salty from the ocean washing over you or are you beaten by heat in the deserts that are dry but alive in spirit?

When we pan out on our lives, it's easier to see the beauty rather than the flaws. We can appreciate the flaws because they are a part of the nature that is life. And baby, nature heals.

When we ground ourselves into the earth that our physical bodies came from, we become one with the planet we chose to visit in this life. And that my friends, is the purpose, the gift and the lesson. 

Being with nature is equivalent to being with ourselves. We heal from the inside out and there is no greater teacher than the great outdoors.

Nature heals. 

Pan out, see the beauty and appreciate the flawless imperfections of life.

Come with us on this journey, Nature Head. 

The journey awaits and the journey is yours.

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